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Include some excitement to your daily life! Get up off the sofa and onto the plane for your chance on the extreme adventure. There is not even an experience within this world that compares to the thrill you'll get jumping out of a plane during your sky diving adventure.

Don't make your next month stuck in the same old routine!

Come during the week or come during the weekend, either way we're ready to instruct you to conquer the skies!

It's time you get started. You could actually be skydiving with your own professional instructor over beautiful Macon Georgia!

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Skydiving Types

Once you have discovered how you can skydive it is time for you to try out a few of the other high-flying activities. The world is full of adrenaline-pumping opportunities that include free-falling, gliding or flying above the Earth.

Let our skydiving experts show you where to go for your upcoming aerial experience.

Here is a handful of the most preferred variants to skydiving that you may want to try through Macon Skydive.

Surf's Up!

Cowabunga, bro, but where is the surf? Blend skateboarding with water surfing an unseen wave and you've acquired one of the most interesting styles of skydiving.

Canopy Swooping

This practice can be exciting to see, and even more amazing to participate in.

Alternate between level flight and a controlled dive to experience the rush of the Earth swallowing you up; canopy swooping is among the biggest rushes obtainable to the modern-day skydiver.

Free Flight

This is perhaps the most impressive and stimulating form of skydiving offered. This free-form skydiving discipline is all about exploring your personal limits and forcing the boundaries by practicing spins, turns and tumbles during a freefall, then coasting carefully back to the landing zone under your canopy.

Wingsuit Flying

Try your hand at commanding the wingsuit. Don the special "winged" suit and glide above the scenery below, oblivious for a moment of the total height, and see the true capacity of the human mind.

{Always dreamed about flying? With wingsuit diving, you can! Call us!|Let us schedule your upcoming aerial experience!

Why Choose Us?

Skydiving is a high-risk endeavor that demands the highest possible safety standards to be sustained. The activity has become significantly safer over the years as steps have been placed to ensure companies adhere to the United States Parachute Association (USPA) safety and training regulations. We know that selecting an ideal service provider for your skydiving experience may seem like a daunting task Macon Skydive is your supreme partner with a reputation of an impeccable safety record and outstanding adventures. We have the biggest network of skydiving distributors in the US. We can hook you up with passionate and experienced instructors that will provide you with the assistance you need to emerge as a successful skydiver.


Contact us at Macon Skydive to make a reservation with one of our partners today. We provide tandem and freefall packages for all experience levels. Bookings are good for two years after the date of purchase and jumps can be re-booked in case of severe weather. While we don't grant refunds, reservations are transferable.

Our exceptionally skilled instructors will come with you on your thrilling freefall experience. Make the choice to arrange your next skydive experience with us. You definitely will thank yourself later!

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Macon Skydive

Here at Macon Skydive, we specialize in providing first timers with a safe, exciting and unforgettable skydiving adventure. We'll connect you with a professional skydiving instructor who will take you into the sky - and back again - giving you an awesome intro to the addictive sport of freefall skydiving!

Here is what you need to keep in mind about getting ready for, and taking pleasure in, your very first skydive:




Jump from 2.6 miles
Freefall for 60 sec

Heart Rate


Jump from 1.8 miles
Freefall for 30 to 35 sec

Heart Rate


You'll get pointed in the right direction to get you started with skydiving services located near you.