Accelerated Free Fall Skydiving (AFF)

Exactly what's much safer than using in a car, many more amazing than riding a roller-coaster, as well as exceptionally addicting?

supreme natural high?

Here at Macon Skydive, we know that once the you've been bitten by the 'skydiving bug', chances are pretty good you'll be wanting for your next great skydiving experience - that's why we make it simple for you to connect with an accelerated freefall (AFF) skydiving school where you'll master how to become a full-fledged solo skydiver!

Accelerated Freefall vs. Tandem Skydiving - What's The Difference?

If you're like most skydivers, you were first introduced to the sport during a tandem skydive, where you were secured to an expert skydiver throughout the jump.

Because AFF skydiving is done solo, you'll be provided with in depth training on the ground before your first flight that goes over fundamentals like safety procedures, parachute deployment and control, and in-air body control.

If mother nature co-operates, you'll be able to suit up and take your first AFF on the day of your ground school. Your introductory AFF will include two licensed, experienced skydiving instructors who will hold on to you throughout your flight, telling you when it's time to check your instruments and deploy your own parachute.

As soon as you've safety hit the ground, your instructors will offer you with in-depth evaluations about your jump, giving you tips on how to improve your performance and overall experience. If you've proven that you're ready to take the next stage to a solo AFF, you'll graduate to the next level of training.

AFF Certification

If you want to finish the complete AFF certification process, you'll need to take at least one solo skydive every 30 days to keep your current level. Each accelerated freefall skydiving level includes both classroom-based ground school and in-flight training.

At each phase of the AFF certification process, you'll be required to demonstrate mastery of in-flight AFF essentials like backflips, rapid movements, and controlled turns in various directions. When you first begin your AFF training, you'll be tethered to an instructor during your flights.

As soon as you've safely returned to the earth at the drop zone, your in-flight instructors will give you a full debriefing, helping you know how to improve your performance during your next AFF. Once you've mastered the skills of the first AFF level, you'll move on to the next level of accelerated freefall skydiving training.

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