Skydiving Beginners

At Macon Skydive we help make it a goal to provide our skydive novices with the most safe, most amazing and memorable experience possible. We'll introduce you to a knowledgeable certified instructor who will essentially take you on a full circle excursion from the soil to the sky and back again- providing a spectacular start to your first time skydiving event.

Below you will find vital information needed to help you prepare for and delight in your very first time skydive experience:

Prior to Leaving Home

Please be prepared to take several hours at the skydiving facility where you will have adequate time to take a look around, take pictures and watch various other skydivers descents and landings to obtain a better feel for what you can expect.

Make certain to keep an eye on current wind condition, if severe conditions should restrict your dive, it will be booked for a later date at no expenditure to you.

Please plan to dress as comfortably as you can (we prefer you do not wear hooded sweatshirts), and be sure to wear closed toe shoes, ideally tennis shoes or athletic shoes.

Once You Reach The Jump Zone

Please be at the skydiving center well in advance of your arranged jump time - this will give you a chance to use the amenities and start taking those all-important pics of your special day!

{At this point, you'll sign in with the Tandem Master and complete any requisite documentation. As soon as your check in is complete, you will be given a tour of the skydiving center and all of it's amenities.

Next, you'll be given a specially-designed jumpsuit and your skydiving safety harness - this is when the actual excitement begins to develop - it's about time to start!

Your skydiving coach will now provide you with a pre-flight briefing, specifying all facets of the jump itself, now is the time to ask any last minute questions or address any concerns you may have. At Macon Skydive we team up only with uppermost qualified and knowledgeable instructors who are specialists in the experience of the first time skydiver, you can feel confident you're in the most capable hands!

Making Flight

When you've finished your safety instruction, it's time to board the plane - your trainer will show you precisely where to be, and ways to remain safe throughout departure and during your climb.

The pilot will ascend to jump elevation, normally between 10,000 to 14,000 feet (roughly two miles) over the drop zone, at which time you may hear the motor cut off. Take a moment to browse the horizon and browse the scenery from this elevation!

It's now go time, your instructor will signify that now is the time to secure your harness to his/hers to prepare for your tandem skydive.

As soon as you are presented the all clear, you will exit the airplane with your trainer. Keep in mind to take a breath, and keep your eyes open!

At this point, you ought to be experiencing the heart throbbing thrill of adrenaline while you fall toward the ground at velocities at or surpassing 120 miles per hour for up to 40 seconds.

At about 5,000 feet, your instructor will release the parachute - you'll feel the wind slow down, and experience a tranquil, gentle 5-10 minute descent back to the drop zone If you're feeling extra brave, and with your instructor's “go ahead”, you may even have the ability to try a mid-air flip or turn!

The dropzone should be plainly in sight now and your Tandem instructor will begin to guide you securely to the solid ground for a perfect landing.

Make your hope for becoming a high-flyer a reality, call us to reserve your initial skydive right now!
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