Skydiving Aircrafts

The amount of people in your group, the height you want to jump from, and personal preference are all variables in determining which airplane you choose for your skydiving adventure. Recognizing which kind of aircraft you wish to jump from will go a very long way in narrowing down which dropzone you should choose.

So, let's take a look at the various aircraft that you'll have the ability to choose from.


The Cessna is easily the most popular option. This plane was first launched in 1956 and built in the United States, France and Argentina. You can skydive virtually anywhere on the planet, and odds are you'll end up in a Cessna. With 230 hp and a smaller body, the Cessna is perfect for groups of four or less. Anticipate a 20 minute ride to the 10 000 foot level, where you'll dive.


While not as prominent as the Cessna, the single engine turbine powered Caravan is still often used by skydivers. It's been labeled the "Mini van" due to its reliability. The 208B Grand Caravan, which has 675hp is an excellent option but the very best options are the Black Hawk at 850hp and the Texas Turbines at 850hp. These Caravan styles are exceptional since they can transport as many as 21 skydivers at one time. The Caravan's large exit doorway makes your jump easy.


Get to know the Otter-- the more popular twin engine jump plane. Your Otter will be powered by the enormous PT6A-27. It can take as many as 23 skydivers up in the air and reaches heights, generally, of about 13,000 feet in about 13 minutes. This is a powerful plane with plenty of room at the exit doorway for larger group jumps. It also has beautiful high wings.

It doesn't matter whether it's your very first jump or your hundredth, each plane will provide a different feeling of exhilaration. Are you prepared to fly?

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