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Skydiving is an electrifying sport that has grabbed the attention of people that are either anxiously standing by to give it a try for the first time or have completed their first ride already. Nothing compares with the sensation one experiences plummeting from an aircraft at more than 2 miles off the ground. If you are considering partaking in a skydiving experience, there is no one better to jump with than Macon Skydive. Let's take a look at the ingenious and riveting history of skydiving to better understand how it has evolved and become what some regard to be one of the world's most fascinating extreme sports.

The past history of skydiving dates back to the 10th century when people would use everything imaginable to create organic formations. People would then use these homemade parachutes to free fall from various heights and float towards the ground.

In 1485, Leonardo Da Vinci, a very well-known polymath sketched a layout of the first wooden framed parachute in a pyramid form, demonstrating the principle of pull. This creation was renovated and used by Adrian Nicholas to create a triumphant skydive years later.

The sport of Skydiving

The sport of skydiving has a much more recent start as observed in the late eighteenth century when Joseph Montgolfier, a France national brought meaning to the contemporary use of the parachute by testing his equipment when he jumped from a hot air balloon.During the course of the same time frame, Jacques Garnerin also from France performed some fascinating displays when he skydived from hot air balloons and became the first person to make a successful attempt at moving across the English Channel. Women also, were making significant strides in skydiving. Kathe Paulus set her mark in Germany when she became prominent for her sensible skills in skydiving.

With the invention of the first powered airplane by the Wright Brothers, people were intrigued to jump from faster moving objects and initiate more daring skydiving attempts. Grant Morton, a veteran career parachutist was attributed with the first skydive from a Wright Model B above Venice Beach, California.

The craft of skydiving became more of a mainstream hobby after World War 2. Owing to the fact that the branches of the military used skydiving-parachutes to descend soldiers from the airplane, the infection of skydiving began to surge among the personnel, and this gave way to the breakthrough of skydiving contests.

Skydiving formally became an international sport in 1951. You might be interested to know that preceding the 1950's, skydiving had only typically been referred to as parachuting. Skydiving has come a very long way since the scribbled illustrations of Leonardo Da Vinci and based upon the level of popularity of the sport, there will permanently continue to be evolutions in the concept of parachutes and techniques of skydivers due to aeronautic advancements.

No matter if you are an experienced skydiver or a 1st timer, we guarantee that by booking a skydive along with us you will experience the thrill adventure of a lifetime. Today, skydiving has become an extremely popular recreational activity among adventurers, fanatics, dabblers as well as first-timers who typically aren't intimidated by heights. If you are still frightened of skydiving because you think it's a hazardous sport, you may wish to think differently.

Among the 2 million dives that happen each year, it's just one percent that ends up in deaths. You have virtually nothing to stress over when it comes to your welfare, specifically during a Tandem jump with a qualified Jumpmaster at your side throughout the duration of the jump. The sport of skydiving is a multi faceted sport which provides participants with a great deal to love about it From the spectacular views, the thrill, the unforgettable experience, the bragging rights, not to forget the invaluable pictures that will make your buddies insanely green with envy.

Only just recently, Google executive Alan Eustace broke the record set by Felix Baumgartner in 2012 by skydiving from 136,000 feet above the earth. This clearly suggests that people genuinely have a passion and caring for the sport that compels them to quite literally go to extremes to forge ahead in advancing skydiving developments.

If you end up looking for something extreme, why not start booking a Tandem skydive with Macon Skydive. Contact us right now, your amazing skydiving grand adventure awaits.

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