A Skydiving Occupation in Canopy Rigging

Looking for an adventurous occupation? Then you should look into rigging. You'll never feel as free as you do when you skydive. Each day, thousands of individuals put on a parachute and take to the sky. Your new career? Ensure they're protected.

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Learning About Rigging

For many, skydiving is a bucket list experience. But one jump isn't always sufficient-- sometimes individuals return for more. Nevertheless, there is a whole lot more than basically having the guts to dive through the air. It 's important to understand the equipment so that you can ensure all safety standards are successfully met.

Rigging Qualifications and Skydiving

You can not jump out of a plane without knowing the best ways to operate a canopy. To learn rigging, you'll have to earn a series of licenses. Choose rigging and you can make considerable money while doing something you really love!

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What Parachute Rigger License Do You Want?

Our training course gives you the skill-sets to become a licensed master rigger. You can choose either Senior Rigger or Master Rigger education at Macon Skydive in Georgia Challenge yourself with our excellent rigging programs.

The Right Rigging Program for You

At Macon Skydive, we want to assist you in finding great success as a rigger in the ever-exciting skydiving business! Your love and enthusiasm for skydiving will be the building blocks of your rigging career. Because of our course, you'll learn things you never knew about skydiving. Our skilled instructors will guide you through every aspect of the rigging process, step-by-step.

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