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The most significant concern potential skydivers ask is how secure is skydiving? Obviously there are risks involved, as you're leaping out of an airplane at more than 10,000 feet. What do I do if my chute fails to deploy? What happens if I forget what to do? Why are people that perish while skydiving often talked about on the news?

Here are the more common inquiries we've received over the years, in addition to the answers that will really help you to feel much better about skydiving as a sport and a fun adventure.

Skydiving: how safe is it really?

The security of the activity has come to be a frequent conversation piece among the participants of extreme sports. But most experienced skydivers know that skydiving is as secure today as it has ever been. Skydiving gear is constructed of heavy-duty parts that have been safety tested over and over. Instructors are highly trained and required to have so many hours of flight time before they are allowed to teach another person to skydive. The focus on high quality gear and experience has paid off. The United States Parachute Association has discovered that out of an estimated 3 million jumps annually by skydiving enthusiasts, only about 30 have resulted in casualties.

What factors make some skydivers more likely to be susceptible?

This might seem like a strange concern, but the answer will put your mind at ease about taking that first leap. It isn't the novice who is most likely to perish in a skydiving accident; as a matter of fact, there are a number of safeguards setup to ensure your safety. Surprisingly, it's actually the most knowledgeable divers who are at higher risk of a horrible accident. This is due to the overconfidence and arrogance of the jumper.

Are there procedures in effect to make sure my dive is a safe one?

The main thing that always keeps beginning skydivers protected is jumping with a master skydiver. Your tandem instructor provides something of a safeguard, if you need it throughout your first jump. For added safety, Macon Skydiving likes to make certain our skydivers are covered by experts throughout their first jump, so we frequently use two instructors.

All jumpers are supplied with a backup parachute in case their main one does not release. And this reserve canopy has an Automatic Activation Device (AAD) that reacts in the event that something occurs during your descent that you find yourself alone and unable to release your parachute by yourself.

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