A Skydiving Wedding ceremony

If you're ready to take the plunge and arrange your wedding, why not make it genuinely extraordinary by planning a skydiving adventure on your big day?

Our crew at Macon Skydive knows commitment takes courage-- that's why we want to fix you up with an adventure-themed skydiving wedding.

Our wedding bundle details include flowers for the bride-to-be, professional photos and even a post-jump bubbly toast.

Share your wedding day with friends and family through a custom video bundle and a webpage designed specifically for you.

What better way to start your new life with your loved one than by experiencing the delights of skydiving together?

On The Solid ground or In The Air - It depends on You!

Declare your promises on the ground just before the plane ride, or transport your entire wedding party up above the clouds and say your vows at 12 000 feet!

That's right - you and your future spouse can 'wed' during a unique in-flight service held inside the skydiving aircraft, and after that get off the plane and float back to the ground as a new married couple! Talk about a wedding ceremony they’ll never forget!

Whether you want an intimate wedding ceremony or a big one with your whole entire family, Macon Skydive can oblige. If you can envision it, we can make it.

To find out more about how you can begin your married life with each other at 14,000 feet, get in touch with Macon Skydive today.

Tired of conventional weddings? Arrange an extraordinary skydiving wedding today!
Married life is a grand adventure - why not 'take the plunge' with a skydiving wedding?