At Macon Skydive, we know how just how exciting and a bit intimidating skydiving can be, especially for the first time. We know, and we really want you to know, that it's one of the safest adventures you can embark on. In fact, by frequency, you are more likely to be involved in a car accident than hurt in a fall. But, if you are still worried, don't be. You can set up your skydive with one of the skilled and experienced professionals available. Tandem skydiving makes an already safe activity in fact, safer, with the addition of a pro at your side.

Just what Are the Steps of a Tandem Skydive?

During this "tandem skydive", an instructor stays with the student during the entire jump. The instructor is an expert not only in jumping, but also teaching others to jump. This involves the exit point through the freefall and landing. Your expert instructor will ensure a safe touchdown an overall positive experience from the jump.

If you are a first time skydiving you'll likely want to book a tandem skydive. You will certainly still need instruction before making the jump. This will occur at the skydive center, prior to your big day. It's important to remember that the actual dive won't call for you to be alone. This should get you excited because it is one of the most thrilling of experiences you can have in the air.

Whats Will Tandem Skydiving Do For Me?

If you're looking into a skydive, we want your interests to be represented. If you are booking a skydive, you want it to be the best time available. Tandem skydiving does not take away from this experience! Take it from us; you won't be hampered at all by an instructor's presence. However, it does provide a variety of benefits to you.

  • First time skydivers are going to have the confidence they need to jump!
  • You'll find out how to do movements in the freefall from your instructor. There is no more ideal way to do so than in the air.
  • You'll discover essential abilities progressing, like how you can deploy your chute. Your instructor will certainly assist you through the whole process.
  • The tandem master, though, will remain in charge of your safety and security throughout the entire experience including when to release the parachute.
  • You still get to make that jump!|No matter what, you'll still be able to feel the rush!}

You won't want to miss the adventure of a skydive. The addition of an certified instructor will make the entire experience that much more enjoyable!

Check out the world in a whole new way. Reserve your first skydiving adventure with us now.